About Us

SharedMall Logo (Common People Services, LLC)

Common People Services, LLC (dba SharedMall) is an Oregon-based provider of hosted website and e-commerce platform and associated setup and marketing services for independent businesses, webmasters, and entire business communities. We are making it easier for small businesses to readily launch advanced e-commerce capabilities to compete online with their largest competition, and are simultaneously lowering the cost, technology, and resourcing barriers for all.

SharedMall was conceived with a mission to address the numerous gaps in existing shopping cart platforms and online marketplaces. It brings unique sales and marketing capabilities to independent businesses online, offers webmasters new toolset and support resources to grow at a fast pace, and transforms the online shopping landscape to favor local businesses and communities, like never before.

Businesses across a wide variety of industries and local business communities have helped shape SharedMall over the past few years. SharedMall caters to the storefront needs of local businesses, innovation and growth needs of regional chambers of commerce, and shopping preferences of local consumers. We are not only enabling the fresh food/produce industry and consultation-based service industry to equally participate along retailers in online shopping marketplaces, but also enabling chambers of commerce across the nation to readily launch their own regional alternatives to currently predominant search engines and marketplaces that are increasingly channeling out local dollars from the community.

With Amazon facilitating over 43% of all online US retail sales each year, and now aggressively expanding into local markets, SharedMall is by far the best chance for independent businesses and business communities to launch new competitive advantages online and counter the threat from Amazon.