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Our Farm


KMK Organic Farms is truly a working family farm. We run and operate, along with our amazing crew; 80 acres of certified organic fruits and veggies. We grow over 100 different fruits and vegetables and several varieties of each.. We attend several local farmer’s markets, sell wholesale, to local restaurants, to local CSA’s, our own CSA, and have opened our KMK Organic Farm Store, in Kingsburg.  The first K in KMK Organic Farms (although, the other K would argue, that they are the first K, in KMK Farms) is Farmer Kyle. Kyle meets with our field managers; Alma & Ben, often to take inventory on quality control, the status on our current plants, harvest production, tractor needs and supplies. He also sends out our Wholesale Weekly Produce List. Kyle works full time for Del Monte Foods and looks forward to the time when he can farm full time, till then he juggles both, like a champ.  The M in KMK Farms is Michele. She spends most of her time in the “office,” which is the farmer’s daughter’s old room, when she lived at home. You may have heard the quote “Let the farmer’s farm.” Michele can relate to this quote the most. Her passion is in making our farmer’s market display look like a painting in an art museum, but in order for KMK Organic Farms to maintain our status of being CCOF certified, the paperwork has kept Michele's hands on the keyboard, rather than in the dirt. Michele has recently got to express herself and let her creative juices flow at our newly opened, KMK Organic Farms Store.  The second (yes, if you ask me I’ll tell you I’m the FIRST K) in KMK Organic Farms is me, I’m the Farmer’s Daughter, my name is Kristi Bravo. I run our farm CSA that we have called, The Farmer’s Daughter CSA. I also work along side Abundant Harvest Organics, where I have all our produce, along with other local farmer’s, listed in their “Add On’s.”Abundant Harvest Organics allowed me to make working on our family farm a career for me.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to be able to work for such a great company that has been like a “papa bear” CSA to mine. I have learned excellent quality control and customer service working along side them. Frankly, without my Abundant Harvest Organic family, my CSA wouldn’t be where it is today. I also do a lot of the marketing for our farm, like this website.  My husband, Trevor also plays a large part making deliveries and filling in at the Farmer's Market. Trevor works part time for UPS, a job that provides my family with benefits. We are lucky to be able to juggle our schedules, that allow our almost son to either be with myself, my husband, grandpa or grandma throughout the day. My goal, and I know I'm probably not the only one, is to create something that my kids can take over, just like my parents did for me.