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Our Farm Store

KMK Organic Farm Store opened it’s doors to the public on December 14th, 2013. The “Farm Store” opened with the vision of having a “flagship” store for KMK Organic Farm, with the intention of supporting other local farmers, vendors and enteprenuers. The “Farm Store” offers local organic fruits, vegetables, eggs, as well as other locally sourced products such as; jam, honey, olive oil, beans, nuts, balsamic vinegar, soap, BEESWAX CANDLES, natural health and home care products as well as local artwork.

KMK Organic Farm Store carries KMK Organic Farm seasonal organic fruit, produce and fresh herbs. We also support other LOCAL FARMERS to be able to meet the needs of customers and community; such as T.D. Willey Farm, Three Sisters Farm, Burroughs Family Farm, Sun Smiling Valley Farms, A Beautiful Life Farm, Page River Bottom Farm, Rancho Notso Grande, Basilwood Farms, Couture Farms and Blossom Bluff Orchards.

On June 28th, the “Farm Store” held the first of many events. The “Farm to Wine” event was in partnership with Kingsburg local winery, Ramos Torres. We look forward to the growth of our “Farm Store”, supporting our fellow LOCAL FARMERS and meeting the needs of the community!


KMK Organic Farm Store

12859 S. Mendocino Ave.
Selma, CA 93662

Hours: 9am-6pm daily