About Us



Small businesses and their advocates face an increasingly uphill battle online with search engines favoring the more established businesses, Amazon extending its online and offline grasp, and technology trends continuing to ignore the gaps that have left small businesses and their communities at a disadvantage online. The threats, challenges, and hurdles facing small businesses are still growing, with lack of favorable technology being the biggest threat to small businesses and their communities, and we are committed to solving the problem once and for all. Common People Services, LLC (dba SharedMall) is an Oregon-based provider of hosted website, e-commerce, search engine, and marketplace solutions for small businesses and their communities.
Businesses across a wide variety of industries and local business communities have helped shape SharedMall over the past few years. SharedMall caters to the storefront needs of local businesses, innovation and growth needs of regional chambers of commerce, and shopping preferences of local consumers. We are not only enabling the fresh food/produce industry and consultation-based service industry to equally participate along retailers in online shopping marketplaces, but also enabling chambers of commerce across the nation to readily launch their own regional alternatives to currently predominant search engines and marketplaces that are increasingly channeling out local dollars from the community.
A seasoned technologist and a visionary with over 20 years of experience leading uncharted IT and e-commerce initiatives, the founder of SharedMall is challenging the status quo on the current trends in website, e-commerce, search engine, and marketplace technology. He is pioneering the online technological transformation necessary for small businesses and their communities to claim the upper hand online, and is working on publishing this book on the breakthrough platform and prescription that will guide small businesses on how to escape SEO and Amazon, and achieve long-term success.