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Launch your Own Google and Amazon Alternatives

Amazon's growing dominance in online retail (over 50% of all online retail sales in the US) has forced even the largest of traditional retailers to shut down stores and downsize. Small, local, and independent businesses are at a greater risk due to lack of access to technology that can help each to effectively counter the potential threat from Amazon's recent expansion in the grocery, service, and other local markets.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has also become an expensive and time-consuming overhead for all businesses, and is no longer a level playing field for startups and small businesses, as SEO favors the more mature and established companies. It's time for the next generation of search engines where "optimization" for search engines is a thing of the past.
  • Business Communities must each launch their own online search and marketplace alternatives to Google and Amazon. Ideally, "automatically" bringing together independent websites, goods, services, and promotions from the entire community, in real-time, without introducing any additional overhead but lowering the costs for member businesses, while offering shoppers exciting new reasons and conveniences to choose and prefer transacting with the community members online.
  • Independent Businesses must capitalize on their local differentiators and harness the power of their community to compete online in innovative new ways, offering shoppers new reasons and conveniences to prefer shopping from them online.
  • Infrastructure costs alone for a single community is estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and is beyond the scope of most non-profits such as chambers of commerce. A practical solution must not introduce any additional cost/overhead.
  • Standardization of technology used by independent businesses is the only practical way to unite businesses online and, despite the diversity of available technology, standardization of the technology is a must.
  • Alignment on common strategy is also a must for long-term success, not just at a local/regional level, but also at the state and national level, and is therefore beyond the scope of any one independent community, and is exactly the reason why SharedMall must lead this CommUNITY initiative at the national level.
The only true way to overcome the challenges is in a socially responsible and collaborative solution that benefits not just one party, but all involved parties. Rather than introduce new cost and overhead on the business community, the solution must introduce new revenue stream, and rather than dictate additional overhead and cost for businesses to participate, it must help each lower their current and future costs. This is how we can ensure success, and this is where SharedMall comes in!


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  • Phase 1: Offer low-cost and innovative solutions to businesses looking to launch new website or storefront.
  • Phase 2: Build your search and shopping infrastructure upon reaching the threshold of 50+ referred businesses.
  • Phase 3: Offer businesses hosting proprietary shopping cart solutions to integrate their existing store with the mall.
  • Phase 4: Formally announce the launch of your mall, start facilitating local sales online, and start reining in local dollars that's been channeling out of your community through other marketplaces.

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