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SharedMall has launched this Startup Program to help a few passionate entrepreneurs launch a new startup in their resident state. Each new startup will own and lead The Online Transformation prescribed in the Amazon Best Selling book Escaping SEO and Amazon.

The opportunity for investors and sponsors is to fund the startup in their resident state. Each startup will be seeking to raise $100K capital for the 1st year of operation, during which they will use SharedMall's infrastructure and business model to launch for revenue on day 1, with a plan to break even and demonstrate accelerated growth by the end of the 1st year, and launch their state's Google and Amazon alternative in year 2.

The Amazon Best Selling book Escaping SEO and Amazon gives you all the necessary background to understand the problem the startup will be addressing, and the prescribed solution that they will be following with SharedMall's support. If you're interested in either investing into one of our future startups for equity, or in being the exclusive sponsor of the startup's future statewide search and shopping marketplace, you're invited to initiate a conversation.

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