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SharedMall is a SaaS website and e-commerce platform that can be uniquely tailored to help businesses across any industry to overcome their online technology, time, and cost hurdles, and guarantees savings on website and e-commerce solutions for all businesses. It's a custom website development and hosting solution such as WordPress, a custom shopping cart solution such as Shopify, and also Search Engine and Marketplace platform. It's the next generation platform for website, e-commerce, search engines, and marketplaces, and is the start of an online transformation that helps businesses escape SEO and Amazon in ways never before possible.

Under this program, current and prospective webmasters are assigned a partner from SharedMall, who will provide one-on-one training and partner-level support pertaining to the use of SharedMall's next generation capabilities for launching new websites and shopping cart solutions for any number of clients.

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SharedMall is the most versatile hosted mobile-friendly shopping cart platform that enables local independent businesses to differentiate online with advanced e-commerce capabilities that no other shopping cart platform currently offers. The shopping cart in SharedMall can be tailored to generate new leads, increase website traffic, automate local ordering and logistics, and extend current storefronts with multiple marketplace outlets. The versatility in SharedMall makes it the ideal shopping cart platform for farms, bakeries, restaurants, service providers, caterers, retailers, distributors, and other business industries, offering each independent business new ways to differentiate online.

From local pickup/delivery orders to global shipping orders, to restricted access B2B orders to schedule-sensitive service appointments, SharedMall adapts to the requirements of all business industries, and opens up the opportunity for webmasters to offer advanced and custom e-commerce solutions to clients that no other shopping cart platform currently accommodates.

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With SharedMall you can instantly extend your service portfolio to:

  1. offer independent farms online produce ordering capabilities to stay competitive against AmazonFresh
  2. offer bakeries, caterers, restaurants, and home-based businesses time-sensitive and schedule-sensitive online pre-orders
  3. help wholesale distributors reduce order-taking staff and save on associated costs by launching restricted-access online B2B ordering
  4. help small retailers get setup with same-day in-store pickup or even same-day delivery choices online, for better competitive positioning
  5. offer independent service providers online scheduling, reservations, ticket sales, etc.

  6. ...and a whole lot more benefits beyond that offered by any other platform or provider!

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