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  1. ACCESS:  Your account includes 10 custom content pages, up to 10 simultaneous coupon codes, and up to 20 simultaneous product listings.
  2. HOSTING:  Your website/store will be hosted on SharedMall, and you will be relieved of all associated security and maintenance overhead.
  3. FEATURES:  Includes local pickup/delivery ordering, advanced rotating banners, multi-level menu, custom branding, Contact form and more.
  4. MOBILE DESIGN:  Your entire website/store will be designed with mobile-friendly responsive layout, to ensure best experience on mobile devices.
  5. DOMAIN AND SSL:  SharedMall's shared domain and SSL will be used for your website/store and you will have an option to link your domain to it.
  6. ONGOING SUPPORT:  Email support is available for you to request guidance and efficiently manage and upgrade any aspect of your website/store.
  7. SEARCH ENGINE BOOST:  Your website/store will have a real-time searchable presence in our upcoming next generation local search engines.
  8. MARKETPLACE OUTLETS:  Your website/store will be integrated for real-time searchable presence in our next generation shopping marketplaces.
  9. CUSTOM SETUP:  Your website/store will be custom-designed, with optional add-on capability, to maximize your online potential.
  10. ADVANCED ADD-ONS:  Lowest-cost access to numerous advanced add-ons, designed to give you an instant boost over your biggest competitors.
  11. PERSONALIZED SERVICES:  Subscribe to our exclusive partner-level services and put an end to your online frustrations with technology, time, and cost.

      Upgrade to Premium Solution for 100% managed services.         Additional fees apply. Click for Fees.

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